Courtney Fey

A warm welcome goes out to the latest COMMON Team member, Courtney Fey! Courtney joined COMMON as the Community Ambassador in April 2021, bringing with her a wealth of coworking experience and a drive to succeed that rivals any entrepreneur we’ve come across! 


While she’s new to COMMON, she’s not new to co-working spaces or entrepreneurship in Tucson. Courtney served as a founding member of TENWEST, Tucson’s original Impact Festival and has held a variety of roles at co-working spaces. “I really enjoy organizing events and spaces that allow people to connect and collaborate while having a good time,” says Courtney.


We are thrilled to have her here to help cultivate the space, organize our parties & events, and help everyone at COMMON achieve their best work.


When she’s not at COMMON she is hanging out on a patio with a beer and her dog Frani, or trying a new DIY project at home. You’ll see her at the front desk or running around — be sure to say hello 👋🏻!

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