Let’s Get Creative

Let's Get Creative

COMMON x Creative Mornings

Being downtown in a central location lets us embrace the community and all of its amazing different attributes. Creative Mornings is another local innovative hub and one that we proudly sponsor. Creative Mornings offers monthly events where local creatives can share their thoughts and ideas with others. This not only keeps up the diverse and creative culture that Tucson has to offer, but it also fosters bigger and better opportunities for the community.

The thing that makes me the most excited at every event we host is seeing the community together, seeing new connections being made, and getting to meet new people. I leave every event feeling inspired by our amazing community,” said Creative Mornings co-host, Jennifer Mead.


This December, Creative Mornings is hosting a local story teller and activist, Andrea Buttrick. Buttrick is the Communications Coordinator for Food Conspiracy Co-op and the manager for numerous music projects. She is devoted to the Tucson community and makes it her mission to share wellness and health to all. Along with her vast professional experience, Buttrick is also an avid hiker, runner and celebratory enthusiast. 

Perks if You Attend

All Creative Mornings events are free and when you attend, you also get a free drop-in pass for COMMON. At COMMON, we welcome creative thinkers with open arms and strive to create a working environment that motivates and uplifts. Check out the Creative Mornings event on Friday to enhance your mind and stop by COMMON for a free day if you’re feeling inspired! 


Let’s get creative together, it’s kind of our thing. 

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