Financial Planning with Jason Robinson

On the most important financial philosophy:

My challenge to young professionals is to create a rhythm of paying yourself first. In the beginning, that may mean that money goes toward emergency funds at first, or maybe that goes toward paying off student loans, but you’re learning to commit to something that goes toward your financial wellbeing before anything else. Then eventually, that goes into investments, or a down payment on a house, but, either way, income is always going toward you.

On when you should see a financial advisor:

I want to break down the myth that, ”It’s going to cost me to talk to someone. Or, “I have to make a certain amount of money.”, or “I have to be worth a certain amount first.” That would be like going to see a personal trainer once you’ve lost 100 pounds. It’s okay to talk to us! We can engage in some rudimentary planning, or we can help enlighten you with a pay yourself first kind of philosophy. It’s never too soon to chat with us.

On social media and financial advice:
I’ve observed that there’s people giving financial advise through entertaining, 15-second videos. I’m not here to say whether that’s good advice or bad advice, but what I would say is, it’s not personalized advice. Listen to some of those things and then take what you’re hearing and have a personal advisor that you can go to and ask, “What do you think about this? Is it appropriate for me?”

On what financial success means:
Financial success is different for every single person. That’s why having that personalized relationship with advisors can be extremely valuable. We can then cater a plan around what that definition of success means to you. I’m not here to judge, I’m just here to say that, whatever financial success means to you, here’s a plan on how to get to it.

Jason Robinson CFP ChFC CLU CLTC is a Vice President and Financial Advisor for MassMutual here in Tucson, Arizona.