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COMMON Workspace Operations

NanoSeptic Skins

Utilizing nanotechnology, NanoSeptic Skins are used on high-touch surfaces to further reduce possible transmission around the COMMON Workspace. Powered by light, these NanoSeptic Skins work 24/7 to continuously self-clean by oxidizing organic contaminants.

Virtual Connection

Stay connected to other members and the community through monthly happy hours, learning opportunities, and fun on Slack and social media. We leverage community collaboration and our local network to keep things fun and exciting.

Entrances and Restrooms

The entrance to each of our floors features a space to sanitize your hands, or grab a mask on your way in or out of the space. Each floor also has bathrooms outside of the space entrance so you can wash your hands before you enter.

Sanitation Protocol

A bi-weekly deep cleaning is done at the space, in addition to the 24/7 protection of high touch surfaces through the NanoSeptic Skins. Daily sanitization includes but is not limited to: appliances, tables, phone booths, restrooms and more. Additional sanitization products are available to you in either kitchen or at stations throughout Common Workspace.

New Membership Model

We’ve adapted our membership model and flex membership system for the safety of our permanent members. While drop-ins and day passes have gone away, FLEX Monthly passes gain you 24/7 keycard access to the space, complete with a desk booking system to ensure the sanitization and safety of each desk.

Reduced Capacity

Every other desk at COMMON Workspace has been deactivated to ensure that there is six feet or more between each workspace. With two whole floors of our downtown building, members have plenty of space to themselves.

Remote Team

To keep our Community Manager safe from interacting with a dozen people each day, they are currently serving you remotely. Available almost 24/7 via Slack, we’re here to help with space requests or just have a chat.

Reduced Touch

While our Community Manager may be remote, we’re still here to take care of you. The restock of supplies has been reduced to once a week, after hours, or on an as-needed basis. This helps reduce touch and prevent the spread of germs in the workspace. During restock, our Community Manager is washing their hands and wearing protective nose, mouth, and ear coverings.

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