Safety Protocols

COMMON Workspace Operations

NanoSeptic Skins

Utilizing nanotechnology, NanoSeptic Skins are used on high-touch surfaces to further reduce possible transmission around the COMMON Workspace. Powered by light, these NanoSeptic Skins work 24/7 to continuously self-clean by oxidizing organic contaminants.

Face Masks

Based on CDC guidelines, masks are now optional for Members who have completed their COVID vaccinations. Guests/Visitors are required to wear masks while moving through the space, or occupying communal areas with others. Once behind closed doors, guests/visitors may remove their masks based on their comfort level.


The entrance to each of our floors features a space to sanitize your hands, or grab a mask on your way in or out of the space. 

Sanitation Protocol

A bi-weekly deep cleaning is done at the space, in addition to the 24/7 protection of high touch surfaces through the NanoSeptic Skins. Daily sanitization includes but is not limited to: appliances, tables, phone booths, restrooms and more. 

Modified Membership Model

We’ve adapted our membership model to provide additional safety precautions to our permanent members. Limited drop-ins and day passes are available for M-F 8a-4p, but Coworking plans get you 24/7 keycard access to the space, complete with an updated & intuitive desk booking system to ensure the sanitization and safety of each desk.