Come get your FLEX on.

Play in Tucson. Work at COMMON.

COMMON Workspace offers FLEX options to meet your needs – from our FLEX Hot Desks or Private Offices — to any of our accommodating conference rooms for those collab moments. Maximize your time and stretch your dollar with our FLEX multi-day bundles that save you money on multiple day visits. Our convenient downtown Tucson location means that …
…you can pop downstairs to grab a quick bite from The Little One, one of 25 UNESCO designated restaurants to be found along the Best 23 Miles of Mexican food in America.
…you can take a quick walk to any of the local districts to find art, hotels, events, and more restaurants that feature local Southwestern talent and vibe.
…you can join the COMMON community to tap into the charming casual Tucson vibe. You’re sure to discover hidden gems when you talk to locals about why they #WhyILoveWhereILive.

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