Your Most COMMON-ly Asked Questions, Answered!

Ever wondered if you could bring a guest to COMMON? Are there additional costs for amenities like printing, mail, or Wi-Fi? What kinds of animals are allowed in our shared space? All of that and more are answered below!


What are COMMON’s hours of operation?

COMMON Workspace is accessible 24/7 to members. For flex pass holders and non-members, the office is staffed M-F from 8am to 5pm.


Can I bring guests?

Guests are allowed in the space for meetings in conference rooms or offices. Each person needs to be a member to be able to work in the space, or you can purchase a drop-in pass!


Are pets allowed?

Aside from service animals, we don’t allow pets in the space. This is to be inclusive and respectful of those who may have allergies. We thank you for your cooperation here.


What do I do if I’ve lost my key card?

Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can deactivate your old keycard and issue you a new one. If you’ve lost your keycard outside of normal office hours, please leave us a voicemail with your name, phone number, and let us know you need to have your key card replaced ASAP.


Can I decorate or change my office?

Yes, you can decorate your space however you would like! Command strips are provided if you’d like to put art on the walls in your office!


Are there additional costs for amenities like printing, mail, or Wi-Fi?

Additional costs may depend on your personal membership. But generally speaking, everything is included in your COMMON membership. Any questions about your specific membership can be directed toward the COMMON Coworking Team!